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Selling a home on your own is not as easy as it sounds. The real estate market is much different than it was five or ten years ago. Online marketing has exploded, and real estate agents have continued to perfect their craft. This is why For Sale by Owner (FSBO) properties usually don’t sell well. Today we have five reasons why a FSBO sale isn’t a good idea for you.Screen-Shot-2014-11-13-at-7.31.57-PM

  1. There is too much negotiation involved in a transaction.You will have to deal with lots of different people such as investors, buyer’s agents, inspectors, lenders, title companies, insurance agents, and more. As the seller, you’ll have to negotiate with these people who are being represented by professionals. You need professional representation if you want to sell quickly and for top dollar.
  2. Exposure to prospective buyers is much higher when you sell with a real estate agent.We can market your home on hundreds of websites to thousands of prospective buyers around the world. The NAR has found that 93% of purchasers originally found their homes online.
  3. Actual results come from the Internet.The web is huge for selling homes. You can no longer stick a sign in your yard and hope to sell. It’s been found that only 2% of homes are sold from a yard sign and only 1% from newspapers.
  4. FSBO sales are becoming more difficult.Federal regulations from the housing recession in 2007 have added a ton of paperwork into the FSBOprocess. If you aren’t fully aware of what’s going on, your transaction could become very difficult. Nearly 70% of a real estate transaction is paperwork.
  5. Nearly 97% of FSBO sales attempts fail.When it really comes down to it, those 3% of sellers that succeeded just got lucky that someone found their property. We would also bet that those 3% of sellers didn’t come close to getting top dollar for their properties.

If you need help selling your home in Northern NJ, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

As always, we are here for anything you need. We are grateful to be your community resource ready to serve you, your family, friends, neighbors and relatives. Please reach out at any time to 201-825-1266 or Until next time… Enjoy your day!

About The Adler Home Team

When looking to buy or sell in Northern New Jersey, you may rely on The Adler Home Team and their intimate knowledge of the distinct communities throughout the region. Jeff & Debby Adler continue to lead with contribution and have served over 1,100 families in their 20 year experience in Northern New Jersey. Through their combined efforts, this team of eleven professionals is very diligent in serving a full array of clients from first time buyers to those seeking their expertise in Residential, Condos, Townhomes, Luxury, New Construction, Relocation, Short Sales, Foreclosures and Rental Properties. By accessing the very best in technology, current market data and creative marketing applications, The Adler Home Team takes every measure to ensure that their clients are educated and provided with the critical insights that meet their specific requirements. They teach, lecture and train at the national level on negotiation skills, marketing and team building. The Adler Home Team is most proud and thankful for their strong referral business that confirms their talents, creativity, professionalism, diligence, knowledge, and outstanding integrity. The Adlers look forward to forming a partnership with their clients to help them reach their goals and make smart business decisions. So, when it comes time for you, a friend, or a family member to make a move, trust the Adler Home Team to win for you. Google

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