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2016 Kitchen Trends in Bergen County New Jersey

What’s Cooking in 2016?

Years and years ago, there was a time when people could go down to the corner market to grab the essentials like milk, eggs and a loaf of bread.

Now, if we want to go to the grocery store, we have many options to choose from. However, once we do pick a store to visit, the decisions don’t stop there. Next, we actually have to go into the store and peruse the aisles to look through the myriad of options as to what kind of bread we want. Kitchen Trends Blog Picture 1

Do we want whole wheat, low calorie, or multigrain? What brand? The options are endless. It’s an example like this that sheds a light on the fact that gone are the days of simplicity and picking up a loaf of Wonder Bread and not giving it a second thought.

Though some might miss “the good old days,” others are adapting and embracing the change. So, as more and more corner markets are being replaced with big-name stores who are selling healthier, organic options to their patrons, consumers are faced with even more choices to help them live out a healthy lifestyle.

People have become increasingly concerned with what they eat and where their food comes from.

Eating organic food continues to pick up steam in the popularity department and not just because it’s a trend but, because people are now concerned with the background story of their food. The term “organic” refers to the way that agricultural products or livestock are raised. The processes of the farm are held in high esteem that guarantee that specific practices are used for both food and non-food products.

It’s safe to say that the times have changed and these changes aren’t just limited to the grocery store. In fact, these changes have translated into the place where we prepare our meals.

As 2016 is well underway, let’s take a look at what’s trending in the heart of the house, where people gather, swap stories and enjoy the fruits of our labor in the form of a home cooked meal – the kitchen!

Three Kitchen Trends in 2016

Kitchen Trends Blog Picture 2Organic space – Incorporating eco-friendly options into your home is getting easier and easier. In this day and age, “organic” isn’t just related to food anymore. In fact, in 2016 the term organic is being used for the kitchen as well.  Now, green and natural products are leaving their mark in the kitchen. Products are now being made with sustainable, natural materials that reduce waste. Not only are these supplies good for the environment they’re also good for your family’s health as well. Steel and glass storage containers are also being used as great alternatives to plastic Tupperware. Not only are these storage solutions trendy, they’re also protecting your family from harmful chemicals that are found in plastic.

Comfort and cooking – Nowadays, the kitchen and living room are increasingly fusing into one overarching space.  In the past, houses focused more on closing off the kitchen from other rooms, the kitchen was a room in and of itself. Now, it’s becoming common that the walls are being broken down both literally and figuratively and blending the lines of the kitchen and the living area. Don’t be shocked if you walk into an open house and see a more streamlined layout of kitchen designs that bring both spaces into one.

Calm and cool colors – Despite the fact that we’ve been told that “Orange is the New Black,” from the popular Netflix series, when it comes to your kitchen design, that’s not the case. In fact, more and more designers are agreeing that gray is actually the new white! But, white’s not down for the count just yet. This year, calm and cool colors are leading the pack. From the paint color to the backsplash, in 2016 we’ll be seeing a lot more muted, subtle colors being used. Though everyone has a different style, if you’re the type of person that likes to keep up with the trends, put your bold color picks on the back burner of your top-of-the-line stove and opt for softer tones.

Storage in style – Like we mentioned before, our kitchens are the central hub of our home. It’s where people relax, sit around and talk and of course enjoy a delicious meal. But, on the other side of the coin, because the kitchen is the axis to which the house turns, this space has a tendency to collect clutter. So, as the way that we use our kitchen continues to evolve, it’s time that our kitchen evolves too! Here are some kitchen clutter hacks to consider:

  • Don’t waste precious floor space. Rather than having your wastebaskets out for all to see, consider incorporating a pull-out cabinet that houses both your wastebasket and recycling can. It’ll conceal your garbage and make it more accessible and increase your likelihood to recycle.
  • Everyone has that drawer in their kitchen that’s a breeding ground for clutter. If this is the case for your kitchen, consider incorporating built-in organizers to your drawers. Custom cabinets, divided utensil drawers and a pull-out drawer for spices are all viable organizational options.

Change is a constant and the way that we purchase and consume our food as well as the place that the food is prepared (the kitchen) continues to evolve.

Remember to keep these three kitchen trends in mind if you’re planning on upgrading your space.

As always, we are here for anything you need. We are grateful to be your community resource ready to serve you, your family, friends, neighbors and relatives. Please reach out at any time to 201-825-1266 or Until next time… Enjoy your day!

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