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Love is All You Need

Love doesn’t have a clear-cut definition. In some respects, love is abstract.

But, how can this be true if Merriam Webster says otherwise:

 (noun):  a feeling of strong or constant affection for a person

Although that’s the actual definition, it makes sense. After all, true love isn’t a fleeting emotion. It’s not like those preteen girls who say they “love” their best friend one minute and then turn around in the same breathe and say how lame she iLove Blog Picture 2s.

True love is something stronger, something more concrete and something that’s validated day in and day out by words and actions.

Love is symbolized in a myriad of ways. From candies and flowers on Valentine’s Day to that little love note that’s left on the kitchen table for the other to see when they wake up.

This emotion of love can be expressed in even the subtlest of situations such as:

  • When your husband puts the toilet seat down after using the bathroom.
  • When your significant other throws their dirty clothes in the hamper not into a heap on the bedroom floor.
  • When the sight of that special someone eating chicken wings doesn’t make you want to hurl on the spot.

Sure, these might not seem like that butterfly-inducing kind of love you see in movies, but for some, these small notions speak volumes.

That’s why it goes without saying that love is powerful and it’s at the center of almost everything.

After all, how many times have you been at a family function when your Aunt Sally dims the lights and puts the spotlight on you like an old police movie to interrogate you about your love life?

“When are you getting married?!”

“Are you in love yet?”

“You’re going to die alone if you don’t start looking! Open your eyes!”

Which leads us right into today’s topic of “How do you know when love’s knocking on your door?”

If you’re completely clueless when it comes to the love department, we’ve got you covered like a good roof during a rainstorm.

Let’s get to it! Here are a couple of examples to keep in mind when you’re out and about so you don’t miss the opportunity to experience love firsthand.

puppyPuppy love – What’s more loveable than a puppy’s face? We’ll answer that for you, not a whole lot! Dogs in general are essentially a love magnet. How many times have you been walking down the street and you pass a person walking their dog? You’ll likely stop, greet the dog, tell them how cute they are and go on your merry way. Sure, this seems like an innocent situation. But, when you have your love goggles on and you’re surveying the world around you, this situation might just lend itself to be the chance you find your FURever mate. Too corny? Oh well, let’s just go with it!

Case in point, sometimes pets can be the best ice breaker. Just be open to a conversation and always be aware of who’s at the end of that cute puppy’s leash!

Close to home ­–Let’s say for example, you’re in the market for a new place. You hear about an open house in your desired neighborhood and you decide to check it out. The day arrives and you make your way to the grand tour not thinking you might meet your future soul mate. But, as fate would have it, as soon as you walk through the threshold of the house there he/she is, standing there, almost as if right out of a movie. A gentle breeze blowing through their hair, a smile that’s straight out of a Crest commercial and of course the stare down to end all stare downs. You just met your future spouse right there in the middle of an open house. You hurriedly run your fingers through your hair and throw in a stick of gum – you mean business. Talk about killing two birds with one stone. You check out the house of your dreams and meet the person of your dreams all in one open house. The moral of this story is to always be prepared, because as the age-old quote goes, “Home is where the heart is.” Now, this isn’t a popular saying just because it’s cute. It’s a popular saying because it’s spot on. A house screams comfort, a place where families come together to enjoy one another’s company and a place where memories are made. Who knows, maybe you can make your own memories at an open house in the future.

Case in point, it’s a big world out there and love can be found in some of the most unpredictable places. The lesson to be learned is to always have your eyes and heart open for the opportunity to let love into your life!

As always, we are here for anything you need. We are grateful to be your community resource ready to serve you, your family, friends, neighbors and relatives. Please reach out at any time to 201-825-1266 or Until next time… Enjoy your day!

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