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Goal Setting & Living in Bergen County

Today in Yoga class, I was thinking about how anything worth having can be a challenge. But what do you do when you face these challenges? You really only have two choices: to face the challenge head on in order to overcome it or to allow it to defeat you. The choice is yours, but what good does it do to just give up? You will never achieve anything this way and your life will never get better than it is right now. Take this challenge on and win because this is really the only logical way to go.

Healthy Yoga Pose, Health GoalsThis morning, I really wasn’t that excited about getting up, getting out of bed, and going to the class, and yet, if I wanted to achieve my health goals, that’s exactly what I needed to do. Like anything, it gets really easy once you get started. To help you, imagine yourself with that body that you have been dreaming of. This visualization can be the exact motivation that you have been looking for to make it through any day that you feel like you cannot get up and achieve those important health goals.

That first step to your goal is crucial. Whether you’re setting goals for your personal life or for your business, the first thing you need to do is determine what first step you need to take to achieve those goals. Accomplishing your goals simply takes the commitment to get started! As you can see from these above scenarios, the only one holding you back from your goals is you. Anyone is capable of setting goals and achieving them, you only need to be courageous and stubborn enough to go out and do it. Understand that there will always be obstacles and challenges to face but these will only hold you back if you let them. Despite what you tell yourself, you are the one in power. You are the one in control of your own fate. Do not let anyone, especially yourself, convince you otherwise.

Sometimes people do not have the support that they need in order to set goals and fight towards achieving them. Having adequate support can make a huge difference when it comes to achieving goals, this is a proven fact. No matter what Unlock Potential, Set High Goals, Home Ownershipyour goal is, whether it is to lose weight or to go back to school, having support on your side can really determine whether you succeed or fail. Goal setters have no time for Negative Nancies. People who go to the gym with a workout friend are more likely to succeed than someone who goes solo. Businesses are more successful with partners. Going back to school only really works if you have supportive friends or family. Let’s achieve our goals together!

As always, we are here for anything you need. We are grateful to be your community resource ready to serve you, your family, friends, neighbors and relatives. Please reach out at any time to 201-825-1266 or jeff@jeffadler.comUntil next time… Enjoy your day!

About The Adler Home Team

When looking to buy or sell in Northern New Jersey, you may rely on The Adler Home Team and their intimate knowledge of the distinct communities throughout the region. Jeff & Debby Adler continue to lead with contribution and have served over 1,100 families in their 20 year experience in Northern New Jersey. Through their combined efforts, this team of eleven professionals is very diligent in serving a full array of clients from first time buyers to those seeking their expertise in Residential, Condos, Townhomes, Luxury, New Construction, Relocation, Short Sales, Foreclosures and Rental Properties. By accessing the very best in technology, current market data and creative marketing applications, The Adler Home Team takes every measure to ensure that their clients are educated and provided with the critical insights that meet their specific requirements. They teach, lecture and train at the national level on negotiation skills, marketing and team building. The Adler Home Team is most proud and thankful for their strong referral business that confirms their talents, creativity, professionalism, diligence, knowledge, and outstanding integrity. The Adlers look forward to forming a partnership with their clients to help them reach their goals and make smart business decisions. So, when it comes time for you, a friend, or a family member to make a move, trust the Adler Home Team to win for you. Google

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