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Moving Tips

Moving? Top Tips to Get It Done

Moving TipsThe good news is that you’ve sold your home or are ready to move into your new home. In a sense, the worst is behind you. Well, not really. Moving is a huge task that shouldn’t be minimized.

At the same time, with a little forethought and a few tips in mind, you can take some of the stress out of moving. This is music to your ears if you’ve had a nightmarish experience before. Consider the following tips to make your next move easier.

Write It Down

Make a list – you’ll thank yourself later; believe me. With a record keeping system in place, you will minimize your moving problems considerably. It doesn’t matter if you use a word processor to make your list or if you use a simple notebook, but make a list and make sure not to lose it.

Two columns are all you need. There will be a number and a space to add information. This is where this will come in handy … you will number each box and note the contents on your list with the corresponding number. Not that you want to write a novel, but the more detail on the list, the better. Besides, it’s easier to write on a notepad or computer than the side of a box.

Box It Right

Whoever moves you will appreciate this tip. Purchase or collect small, medium, and large moving boxes. You will need to pack accordingly. One of the most common moving headaches is packing too many heavy things in one box.

Small Boxes are designed for small and heavy items like your DVD or book collections. You can also use small boxes for canned goods or cassette tapes. One rule of caution with heavy items is to pick the box up from time to time when packing it. If it’s too heavy, take some out. The empty space can be filled with linens or clothing. Just remember to label it correctly.

Medium boxes are considered the ideal box, because it’s usually just the right size for most of your items but not so big that it becomes too heavy to carry. This box might be great for your pots and pans, dishes, and bowls. A word of caution, though … be careful to wrap all of your dishware with bubble wrap, paper, or clothing (yes, wrapping with clothing serves a dual purpose).

Large boxes are perfect for stacking blankets, comforters, cushions, and clothing. Just make sure that you test it out as you pack it, as clothing can surprise you and before you know it, the box may be too heavy.

Safeguard Your Treasures

No one will love your grandmother’s teapot, grandfather’s favorite baseball hat, or child’s first grade painting like you will. Handle with care, and move them yourself. Wherever you place them, consider if they can be accidentally damaged and plan accordingly. This may be the most valuable tip yet.

How Can We Help?

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