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To Stage or Not to Stage: 3 Tips to Stage for Real Estate Sales

The value of staging a property for sale is one that is often debated in the real estate industry.

Staging, for real estate, is about making the house easy to view, and easy for a potential buyer to envision themselves living there.

The ideal purpose of staging for real estate sales is to remove personal items that will distract a buyer and make them focus on learning who you are, and not seeing how the house may work for their needs.

There are 3 top tips for staging that give everyone an added advantage.

3 Tips to Stage for Real Estate Sales: The Forgotten Few

  1. Clean the windows!
    Make the house sparkle, clean windows make an enormous difference in curb appeal and buyer appeal.A clean window makes a home feel newer, it makes it look brighter, and also adds to the sense of space within a room.
  2. Clean the walls.
    If you choose a high quality paint when you paint your walls, you will buy yourself a much longer lifespan between paint applications. The better the quality, the easier it is to clean.

    The easiest way to do it is with cleaning clothes, the ones that you can get in canisters that are also antibacterial, Lysol and Clorox make great options, but be careful to make sure there is not an active bleaching ingredient in the wipe.

    Use the wipes to clean the vertical surfaces. Dusting first with a Swiffer style duster will help as well. Vertical surfaces DO catch dust. Wipe well and once clean go over it again with a clean cloth to make sure you got any remaining residue off the wall.
    Caution: If you have flat paint on the walls test the process in an inconspicuous spot before wiping all the walls.

  3. Clean the light fixtures.
    Many basic light fixtures can be replaced for less than $50.00 each, and the return is enormous. If you don’t want to spend the money, clean fixtures and replace light bulbs.

    Chandeliers often need extremely detailed attention in cleaning. Use a toothbrush and toothpaste to clean and shine difficult crystals on high end chandeliers, rinse well and you will be amazed at the difference it makes.

There are many more tips to stage your home for sale, but those three are really the simplest and give the greatest return on your time invested.

If you want more fantastic staging ideas to get your home ready to sell be sure to contact The Adler Home Team, staging and home preparation before listing is just one of our value added service benefits, helping you prepare your home for sale and getting you the highest price possible.

Rely on your New Jersey real estate expert to get things done for you, it is our passion, as well as profession, and it lets you enjoy your life more.

About The Adler Home Team

When looking to buy or sell in Northern New Jersey, you may rely on The Adler Home Team and their intimate knowledge of the distinct communities throughout the region. Jeff & Debby Adler continue to lead with contribution and have served over 1,100 families in their 20 year experience in Northern New Jersey. Through their combined efforts, this team of eleven professionals is very diligent in serving a full array of clients from first time buyers to those seeking their expertise in Residential, Condos, Townhomes, Luxury, New Construction, Relocation, Short Sales, Foreclosures and Rental Properties. By accessing the very best in technology, current market data and creative marketing applications, The Adler Home Team takes every measure to ensure that their clients are educated and provided with the critical insights that meet their specific requirements. They teach, lecture and train at the national level on negotiation skills, marketing and team building. The Adler Home Team is most proud and thankful for their strong referral business that confirms their talents, creativity, professionalism, diligence, knowledge, and outstanding integrity. The Adlers look forward to forming a partnership with their clients to help them reach their goals and make smart business decisions. So, when it comes time for you, a friend, or a family member to make a move, trust the Adler Home Team to win for you. Google

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