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7 Ways to Prepare Your House for Fall & Winter Comfort

We all love our summers, but many of us also look forward to the festivities and gatherings of the fall and winter season.

Being well prepared beforehand will let you enjoy the time much more. Aside from regular home maintenance tasks, there are some other things to do to make your home comfortable and welcoming for yourself, your Family, Friends and anyone who might stop by.

To help you get ready to enjoy, here are 7 ways to get a lot of the major details and boredom busters ready for the upcoming seasons.

  1. Clean the winter bedding!

    If you switch to flannel make sure you take it out of summer storage and get it all fresh and ready for fall and winter. Or pull those extra wool blankets out of the cedar closet and get them cleaned for the season. You’ll be happy when your feet are warm and toasty in bed.

    Get large wicker baskets or chests to store them in each room, or by sofas, after you have done this add a few cedar blocks to keep the bugs away, the smell is lovely too. It beats moth balls!

  2. Time to get your heating system serviced!

    Even in warmer climates it is important to have the system checked, and cleaned, annually, even if you rarely use it – actually more importantly if you rarely use it. Change your air filters too! Make it habit to change, or clean, your air filters every time the season changes if you don’t already do it more frequently. Check your homes insulation, is it time to roll a few extra layers into the attic?

    Houses lose the most energy through the roof. Heat rises, so trap it and see an immediate difference in your utility bills. Check your windows and exterior walls and replace any caulk that may not be holding up well. That’s another regular maintenance item to do… windows need to be resealed periodically to keep the elements out and prevent potential moisture (which could lead to mold) from building up where you don’t want it.

  3. Got a Fireplace?

    It’s time to check your chimney for safety. People don’t always consider the risks of cracks or flues that don’t function properly. Safety and wellness first, invest in a chimney inspection with a video scope so you don’t miss anything, make any recommended repairs, and clean the firebox as well.

    Maintenance is far less expensive than repairs, so be sure to have a visual inspection done annually to be safe.

  4. Stock up in case a storm moves in!

    Get flashlights, candles (keep them out of reach of children and away from pets, and never leave candles lit when you are not in the room). Don’t forget the wine to sip while you wait out the weather. A full bodied Red – such as a Burgundy – will help warm you up if you love power and have no heat, plus it will be delightful to savor as you patiently wait out the storm.

  5. Design your cozy reading spot.

    Your favorite chair can be your place for fall and winter tranquility. Add an end table for a place to put your hot cocoa or cider, find an ottoman to put your feet up on or add a tray for snacks if you plan to entertain. Pick up a luxurious throw at your favorite store and drape it over the chair for added drama and cozy winter feet.

  6. Prepare the garden!

    For a beautiful spring your annuals need some fall maintenance. Cut back and trim as appropriate for each plant. If you have window boxes add some evergreens or appropriate climate winter proof plants.

    Get those spring bulbs planted now. Most bulbs need to be planted in fall so that the cold and then rewarming toward the spring will activate the plant via its natural process.

  7. Firepits are fabulous any time of year, but especially in the fall.

    If you have one now is the time to give it a good cleaning, and stop up on seasoned hardwood for making s’mores. If you don’t have a firepit keep an eye out for sales, or look for information on how to easily build your own. Be sure to keep the hardwood covered and dry to avoid smoking when you light your fire.

Now, have a celebration! Your home is ready for fall and winter, share the warmth and beauty with your friends and family. Have dinner under the stars, and make s’mores over the firepit. Celebrate summer one last time by saying a fun and festive goodbye to summer and embrace the fabulous fall season!

Remember, The Adler Home Team is here to help you find, sell or keep your home in top shape for enjoyment. Let us know if you need information on chimney specialists, decorators, or any other resource to keep your home in tip-top shape. We’re always available to help! It’s our pleasure.

Or, if you don’t have a fireplace, and want to find a new one… we can help there too… href=”″ target=”_blank”>try our real estate search</a? and see what you like most, then we'll be happy to show you the home of your dreams and sell the home you already have so those dreaming about it can get in for the season!

Happy, and safe, home preparations!

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