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The Shore… Better than Ever


Looking for a fast, fun, relaxing or action packed day trip? Perhaps a nostalgic weekend away?  Have you considered the Jersey Shore?  Are you aware it is closer than you remember and better than you thought?sandy-hook-beach-sunset-george-oze

SANDY HOOK: In just 90 short minutes you can arrive, grab some breakfast and hit the sand.
The seven-mile stretch of spectacular ocean and bay beaches are excellent for surf casting, swimming, and relaxing on the sand. It is recommended that those who would like to spend some time in Sandy Hook stay in Highlands, which is located on the hill across the bay. Highlands is the highest point on the entire eastern seaboard, and during the height of Prohibition became a bootleggers paradise. Highlands boasts an abundance of seafood restaurants, nightlife and outdoor activities.

OCEAN GROVES: Come to Ocean Grove this year and enjoy an elegant resort town where historic architecture and pristine beaches await you. Ocean Grove’s tree lined streets boast the largest assemblage of authentic Victorian architecture in the nation. In 1977, Ocean Grove was entered into the National Register of Historic Places. In the early days of Ocean Grove tents were the predominant shelter for visitors. Today, 114 tent structures can be seen nestled around The Great Auditorium. Some of the tent owners are descendents of early Ocean Grove families, passing the tradition from generation to generation.   tenthomesoceangrove

POINT PLEASANT: The land known as Point Pleasant Beach NJ, inhabited by the Lenni Lenape Indians in 1609, was first spotted by the Sea Captain Henry Hudson from the deck of his ship, the “Half Moon” as he made his way north up the NJ Coast past
Bay Head.  The boardwalk began to see many more amusements and attractions as Orlo Jenkinson built Jenkinson’s Swimming Pool & Pavilion in the late 1920’s. Within a short time, the boardwalk was full of big bands and dancing.  Jenkinsons at Point Pleasant Beach NJ has remained a premier Jersey Shore Boardwalk, with its first class Jenkinsons Aquarium, rides, live entertainment and amusements. Downtown Point Pleasant Beach NJ boasts a thriving shopping district with a myriad of premiere antique establishments, making the area a great location for all ages.

-1864adf7cd77051cLONG BEACH ISLAND (surf city): Situated about 4- 6 miles out from the mainland, Surf City is an 18-mile long Barrier Island that was happened upon by Captain Cornelius Jacobsen Mey in 1614. As Captain Mey sailed the Northern end of Surf City, he noted very rough tides through the northern inlet. He named the inlet “Barendegat”, which means “Inlet of the Breakers”. This name has since been Anglicized to “Barnegat”. Because of the length of the island and the lovely beaches, island has been called Long Beach for the last several hundred years.  Surf City, NJ remains the premier spot on the New Jersey Shore for quiet -8c749f970cb5fb84relaxation by the ocean. Since it is only a quarter mile wide, visitors are close to both the sea and the bay. Only one town on the island has an amusement area, and there is no boardwalk. Surf City boasts some of the most naturally beautiful beaches on the east coast, as well as hundreds of boutiques and fine restaurants.

WILDWOOD: North Wildwood enjoys a boardwalk, wide beach (in places up to a quarter mile) up scale motels, restaurants, beds & breakfasts, a landmark lighthouse and a wildlife preserve.
Wildwood is the center of action in this coastal barrier island resort. Known for its roller coaster rides, candy apples, popcorn, saltwater taffy, and tram which transports thousands of tourists a day from one Wildwood to another. The centerpiece is Morey’s Piers. There are currently three Piers and a water park devoted to the child in all of us. The island’s main entrance is from the causeway bridge. There are marinas on both sides of the bridge and a bait and tackle just off the main road on the right side.

images mariners



swimming, sunning, eating, shopping, jogging, dancing, bicycling, seashell collecting, surfing, painting, yogaing, people watching, mini~golfing, arcading, amusement parking, socializing, hiding, reading, writing… The Jersey Shore.


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  1. I was watching on TV about New Jersey Shores History about tent housing that was put up
    in the summer and taken down in the fall. Now they have cabins instead. Where is this and
    can you rent them a week at a time or days? Who would you contact to get information on
    the tent housing(cabins)? You can send the information to my email. Thank you very
    much if you can get me some information. Have a great day,
    Janet White
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