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WHY WE LOVE REAL ESTATE (and why you should too!)

Hybridization.-White-femaleWhy do we love Real Estate? To put it simply, PEOPLE.

People need homes. People need help. Dreams need to be realized, closure needs assistance, up-sizing and downsizing need to happen. Everyone needs shelter and we get to be a part of it all. A fresh start.

From First Time Home Buyers to estate closure and all possible scenarios in between, a real estate agent is an integral part of “Home” and we love ensuring it all runs as smoothly as possible.

The people we have worked with over the past many years are more than just clients. They are family and friends. They are the local florist and the principal at your kids’ school. They are the elderly couple whom you have known most your life and the young couple new to the area looking to start growing roots.  Family-Security

We base our business, with a great deal of pride, on referrals.  People who want to work with us time and time again and want to bring the same level of expertise to their loved ones. And our base is big.  Really big. Just imagine how great that feels!

We love a strong Seller’s-Market. It challenges us to figure out ways to stand out among the masses of other temporary players that have their license.

The clientele and agents are forever changing. There is never a dull moment and in the end – there are always huge smiles because we always offer our best. Our best knowledge, best agents, best fight, best fun.



We love a strong Buyer’s-Market. It challenges us to be one of the only agents in our market who can actually SELL our listings. What a wonderful way to offer our best attention to our best people.

Real Estate always has something new to challenge us and learn from. and we learn with enthusiasm – the more knowledge we have the more satisfaction we can provide.

handshake1We love the business building, goal setting, high-5 accomplishment camaraderie that real estate brings out in other agents. Challenges are fun but team playing is more fun.

We like solving problems and real estate is a never ending bevy of problems to be solved. ind3ex


We love being included in the lives of our people.  Holiday dinners, family events, town celebrations…  we are included and we truly appreciate that.



And more than the rest, there is a level of emotional reward that just can’t be beaten. We get to be a part of one of the most important decisions that our people will  make, and the minute we hand the keys over to them we know we’ve made the difference. Our work is as fun and a challenging as it is truly something significant, and our people will never forget who the real estate agent was that helped them with this chapter of their lives.

And don’t forget, if you ever have any real estate questions or need any direction, we are always here to help.
The Adler Home Team
Realtor Associate

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