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April Showers Bring May Flowers But We Bring Tips!

135080-bigthumbnailFinally, it’s spring. To celebrate, do a few improvements indoors.  Tweaking your home’s energy efficiency and getting doors to operate smoothly for starters. Then get outdoors to do some work that shows off your home’s shined up exterior.

Install a programmable thermostat
Energy is wasted when you push up the temperature when the room feels cold or turn down the heat manually when it’s too warm. You can save about $180 a year with one of these devices.

 image_18664Straighten out problem doors
Walk around the house with a can of silicone lubricant and a rag, trying each door. If a door is sticky, open it partway and pull the hinge pin out. Spray some grease in and replace the pin.  The door should run more smoothly after the cold winter “shrinkage”




Install a chimney cap
You could send out an invitation to birds and squirrels to come nest in the warmth of your chimney, or you could install a cap to protect the stack from dripping rain and uninvited critters.  A cap, sometimes called a “crown,” shelters the opening while it lets smoke escape.

~*~ Beware chimney-sweep scams   victorian style chimney sweep, a child chimney sweep, hulton pi
Yes, you should have your chimney swept by a professional to remove flammable creosote that builds up inside the flue from wood smoke. (If you don’t use the stove or fireplace much, you can wait two to three years between cleanings.) But not every chimney sweep is right out of “Mary Poppins.” Door-to-door scammers prey on homeowners, dangling deliciously low prices, then pressuring owners into “repairing” expensive but fictitious problems. Protect yourself by using a chimney sweep with an established business in your town.

10054202 Cowboys on FenceCheck the fence line, cowboy
Take a tour of your back forty to see how the fence is holding up. Wiggle supporting posts to make sure they’re solidly in the ground. Use a mallet to drive them in deeper if necessary. Look for holes made by animals burrowing under the fence. You can fill these holes with big stones or install a wire mesh barrier as deep as necessary, then fill the hole with dirt.

Clean stains from concrete  driveway_cracked_shutterstock_33261364
For patios and sidewalks stained by fallen leaves and dirt, rent a pressure washer and clean the concrete. Auto oil stains on the garage floor or driveway are tougher to remove and call for some imagination.


Well, now that you have some ideas…  what are you still doing here?  You have some work to do.

Want more info, tips and instruction? Here you go!

And don’t forget, if you ever have any real estate questions or need any direction, we are always here to help.
The Adler Home Team
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