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Battleground! War of the OutPosts!


WarOfOutPosts2014_641pixYou may not know it from your history books, but most of the war of the American Revolution was fought right here, in New Jersey. And the Bergen County Historical Society has been working hard to make Americans, particularly those from New Jersey, aware of what happened here during the War.

HNBL_MapThe War of Outposts,” hosted by the Bergen County Historical Society, Outwater’s Militia and the IV NJ Volunteers will take place on April 12th and 13th, 2014.This event will feature re-enactors from both sides of the conflict and will bring to life the running battles that criss-crossed Bergen County during March and April of 1780, saw the burning down of the County Court House, and saw two important conflicts at New Bridge, due to its strategic location.
New Bridge was a prosperous mill hamlet, centered upon a bridge strategically placed at the narrows of the Hackensack River. In the American Revolution, New Bridge Landing was the site of a pivotal bridge crossing the Hackensack River, where General George Washington led his troops in retreat from British forces. The current Draw Bridge at New Bridge was built in 1888 and added to the National Register of Historic Places on July 5, 1989. The area is now a New Jersey historic site.

Baron_von_Steuben196On December 23, 1783, in gratitude for his service to the Continental Army, the State of New Jersey presented use of a house, mill and the surrounding areas to Major-General Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben. The house had been confiscated from Jan Zabriskie, a Loyalist, in 1781. This gift was one of many grants of land von Steuben received from several states in thanks for his efforts in training the Continental Army. This estate is considered to be the most valuable and is now known as the Steuben House.

Historic New Bridge Landing and the Steuben House saw more action during the American Revolution than any other surviving structure in America. It is also the original location of the final battle during the 2 day incursion into New Jersey by Crown Forces in March, 1780.

Tickets cover both Saturday and Sunday’s events. $7 adult, $5 children, BCHS members free.
All three houses will be open, visitors may also see open-hearth cooking demonstrated in the Out-Kitchen. Children’s Musket drills both days, Historical Scavenger Hunt, 18th century crafts, and medical demonstrations. Experience your important local history as it is brought to life by the Bergen County Historical Society and American Revolutionary War re-enactors.

All 3 Jersey-Dutch Houses will be open, connected by a gravel walking path through the historic battleground.
Event takes place in Historic New Bridge Landing.

What a fun, educational (without really knowing it) way to spend your weekend. With your kids? By your self?  Here is a chance to go back in time and see what life was really like during the fight for our freedom.

See you there!

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