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You and Your Forgotten Family

Bear-Mountain-Ranch-GolfSpring, known as the season of rebirth, also carries death and goodbyes as life and our world makes room for change.

Last week a close friend of ours lost his grandfather. While away in Washington State spending time with his family, he heard stories of his beloved Truby (grandpa) he never knew before. He received gifts to take home as memories come to life. He grew in closeness and devotion towards his ever changing family, that had somehow slipped through the cracks of life’s busy days. He reconnected with his childhood and very first friends.curtiss-p-40-warhawk

Truby was an amazing old soul with just the type of accomplishments we all hope for. The kind that honestly affect others.  He lived life to the fullest and at he ripe old age of 90 he let go, with a heart full of love and pride.  He was with his wife, Martha for decades. He was in the Marines during WWII and received 3 Purple Hearts.

Expressions  004He was at the Battle of Iwo Jima.

During his three tours with the Marines, he befriended and played baseball with Joe Demaggio. Later was recruited to play on what is now known as the Major Leagues.





And he collected Kennedy half dollars. Everywhere he went, if he ever came across a half dollar form the year 1971, he would set it aside in a small Kodak slide box with Jeremy marked on the cover. A gift that would one day be passed on at the memorial of his death. Forever telling his grandson that he will always be loved.




Hearing of the passing of beloved, Truby and all of the joy and memories he stirred, while his family gather in the stunning landscape of Wanachee, Wa., made us wonder…  Who ARE our ancestors?  What have they done to change our world?  Be it big or small, what have they accomplished that has affected those they left behind? Not everyone will find the cure for Cancer or land on the moon but maybe someone we call an Uncle or Great Grandmother crossed a segregation picket line to help a small girl enter her new school or planted trees that are now a thriving Nature Preserve. Who knows…

Spring is a time of new. Gatherings of celebration and family.  Now is the time to open your homes to those you may have lost connections with. Really learn about each other, share stories and open hearts. Make this Spring one that connects your past with the rest of your days.

Sincerely Enjoy!

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The Adler Home Team

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