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New Jersey – Beautiful, Safe and Sound


If you’re eying a move to the Garden State, look no further than these Top 10 safe places.  Ranked as the top 10 places to live is no easy feet.  But fear not, if Chatham isn’t the town for you, we have a list of all of the beautiful, and not so beautiful, towns to choose from and where they land on the list of all things safe and sound.

1. CHATHAM:  Located in Morris County, our safest city ranked well in nearly all of our criteria, most notably for its impressive total of zero violent crimes in 2012. It was the only place in our entire study with no violent crimes for the year, and as far as property crime goes, it only saw a total of 46. In other words, that’s just a 1 in 223 chance for residents to be the victim of any crime, and that is pretty darn in impressive. im2ages

2. MAHWAH TOWNSHIP:  The name “Mahwah” comes from the Lenape word mawewi, which means “Meeting Place,” and, after conducting or study, we can’t think of a better-or safer-place to meet. This township in Bergen County has a population of over 24,000 residents-that’s over twice the population of our No. 1 place-and yet, it only saw a total of 109 crimes in 2012. Only three of those crimes were violent (one robbery and one aggravated assault), and out of the remaining crimes, nearly all of them were property theft; 87 out of 106. Just like in our first place, residents here only had a 1 in 223 chance of being the victim of a crime.

3. SPARTA TOWNSHIP:  While residents are strolling the Mohawk Boardwalk, they can have peace of mind knowing that aside from the one violent crime of 2012, there were only 132 property crimes for the year total, 116 of which were cases of larceny/theft. This means that residents in Sparta only have a 1 in 146 chance of being the victim of any crime.
Compare this number to that of Atlantic City, where residents have a 1 in 10 chance of being the victim of a crime, and it’s easy to see why Sparta made our list.

DCF 1.04. BERNARDS TOWNSHIP:  This historically affluent township in Somerset County has seen an increase in population over the years, and, after our analysis, we’re pretty sure we know why. Bernards Township only had 149 reported crimes in 2012, out of a population of nearly 27,000.

5. HASBROUCK HEIGHTS:  This Bergen County borough has all of the benefits of being just 10 miles northwest of Midtown Manhattan without the drawbacks (namely, the crime). Hasbrouck Heights only had one violent crime during the entire year of 2012 for its population of almost 11,500 people.
Other than that, there were a total of 72 property crimes in Hasbrouck Heights, 60 of which were mere cases of property theft/larceny. Of course, property theft/larceny is still a crime, but it certainly isn’t anything like violent crime.  images

Numbers 6-10…

and the rest of em…

But wait… there’s more… The following is based on more than crime and safety. If your criteria also involves education, commute, costs, etc., re-on.

Click on the links below to read the articles from our Top Towns package:

Alphabetical List
For your convenience, we’ve assembled an alphabetical list of all 514 municipalities.

Our Methodology
Read about how our town rankings were compiled.

Mendham: The Borough Tops Our List of New Jersey Towns
It’s not unusual for folks in Mendham Borough to lend their neighbors a hand. But more than the Morris County town’s strong sense of community makes it number one in New Jersey Monthly’s 2013 Top Towns survey.

Warren: Top Town, Central Jersey
Volunteerism is a way of life in Warren, and the people of the top Central Jersey town make it what it is. From the coaches in the recreation department to emergency services personnel to Warren’s various boards and commissions, the vast majority of hours are put in by volunteers.

Moorestown: Top Town, South Jersey
Moorestown, our top South Jersey town, fancies itself a town of winners. In 2013, the girls’ high school lacrosse team ranked number 1 nationwide. But their achievement is more than symbolic.


Hoboken: Best for Singles
Hoboken simply buzzes with life. With easy access to public transportation and a plethora of restaurants and bars, Hoboken has been transformed from a blue-collar town to a bedroom community for young, professional singles.

Monroe: Best for Empty Nesters
Empty nesters flock to Monroe. The town has more active-adult developments than any municipality in the state, comprising 50 percent of the local housing stock. As a result, almost half the population is 55-plus.

Oakland: Best for Young Families
Located on the western edge of Bergen County, Oakland is woodsy and a bit remote, but its midsize homes, good schools and low crime rate make it popular with young families.

Upper Saddle River: New Jersey’s Most Affluent Town
Situated just south of the New York border, Upper Saddle River is a five-square-mile town whose residents—many of whom are doctors, Wall Street professionals and successful entrepreneurs—are the most affluent in New Jersey, with a median household income of $180,429.

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So, what do you think?  Will you use this to base your home searching criteria?  Do you already live in one of these towns and find this all a load of hooey? Are you pleasantly surprised by the rankings?

What ever the case may be…  We are here to help.

Go Jersey!
The Adler Home Team


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