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Top Steps You Need to Take Before Listing Your Bergen County Home

It’s no secret that for years now, it’s been mostly a buyer’s market on the national housing market.

That means that homes are staying on the market longer, sales prices aren’t as high as list prices and there are more sellers on the market than interested and qualified home buyers.

Regardless of all of this, however, there is still great opportunity for interested home sellers on the Bergen County real estate market.

But to ensure the best outcome, there are some steps you should take before you ever enter the Bergen County housing market.

Properties for Sale in Bergen County, NJ

Here are some things you should do before listing your property:

Get your home inspected. The home buyer is more than likely going to do this anyway after they make a purchase offer on your home. And if during that inspection they find a serious problem with you home, it can at best delay the sale of your home and at worst, kill a deal for you. Thus, get your home inspected before listing so that you don’t encounter any surprises down the road and you can get any major problems fixed up front.

Devise a marketing plan. A good marketing plan reaches the target audience effectively. This may include social media outreach, listings with multiple pictures of your home and maybe even taking out ads in the local newspaper. An experienced Bergen County REALTOR can work with you to create the right marketing plan for your home.

Beautify your home. You want your home to be in top condition when it’s being shown to potential home buyers. So trim back shrubs in the front yard, give your shutters a fresh coat of paint, give the inside a deep cleaning – anything you can do to make your home as attractive as possible for potential home buyers.

Find a real estate agent to work with. The right real estate agent will have years of experiencing helping home sellers like you sell their property and they’ll have a strong grasp of current Bergen County housing market trends.

Decide on a list price. You don’t want to overprice or underprice your home because you’re the one who loses out in the end. Working with an experienced Bergen County REALTOR and taking a look at comparable sales in the area will help you determine the right price.

Declutter your home. The more junk you can remove in and around your home, the larger your home will seem. And if you can strategically place your remaining furniture to maximize space – even better!

Go into the market with the right attitude. Understand that selling a home these days may be more like a marathon than a sprint. But if you take these first steps, you’ll be better prepared for selling your property in the smallest amount of time possible and for the best price possible.

Your Dedicated Bergen County, New Jersey REALTORS

For help navigating the Bergen County real estate market as a home seller, please contact us, Jeff & Debby Adler, today!

We have years of experience helping home sellers navigate the markets of Mahwah, Ramsey and other Bergen County communities.

And we’d be glad to help you as well!

In the meantime, please take a few minutes to check out some of our online home-selling resources, such as:

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